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September 05, 2008

Why Am I Here?

let's see..
people always have reasons of they're presence somewhere, right?

so let's look back two years ago, when I was still in High school..
Why am I here, studying English linguistics at Malang?

I like English. It's not a matter of language only of those Englishman. It's their mindset, their indepence, their progress.. i like the way they see this diversed world as an equal platform where everyone deserves his or her place.

Well, I also want to write. my dream is writing something to make people get interested in reading it and get inspired. i want my writing helps people to move on with their life. i want to write and write untuil i can't write anymore.

so by these two reasons, I will not fall at the same hole again.
i've wasted my time chasing something that is not my purpose. i have swayed too long and too far from my goal.

i hope by refreshing this purpose, i will be able to be what i wannabe.

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