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December 02, 2008

getting out of the comfort zone

posting pake bahasa inggris sekarang.


every people in this world live to achieve one thing in their stage of life:
they achieve that 'comfort' through a lot of ways, love, friendship, knowledge, money.. everything is possible.
when they actually ARE able to achieve it, they will build this border to form an imaginary place in their mind which contains that value of comfort, which is usually called as "The Comfort Zone".

people will feel 'comfort' in this imaginary place in their mind and eventually refuse to accept any change, which will be viewed by them as a threat to their comfort zone, and it will ruin the zone they made. people are so afraid that the border will be ruined and they will actually loose their feeling of comfortable.

this is the beginning of the group who refuse to change called the conformist.
this is proven bad because they literary refuse every single change, regardless the benefit of the changes. this way of thinking needs to be changed.

it's like closing our eyes of the reality and refuse to admit that the world is changing and we are still standing while everyone is running. It's like denying that someone IS smarter that us, it's like not admitting that there are people better than us, there are theories more valid that ours.

You just have to know that reality isn't so kind. Everything doesn't work out the way you want it to. and denying it by staying in the comfort zone doesn't change that fact.

I'm not being extremist by writing this,
honestly I'm now trapped in my own comfort zone.
You see..
I had this relationship with someone for awhile and we did broke up..
and up to know I'm still very scared of meeting that person.
I'm afraid of feeling pain again,
grieving for the lost love,
crying for the broken relationship.
I know that my act is lame,
but i am still not ready..
see? I'm trapped in my own comfort zone of being way from my past and if i step out of the border,
I'm scared of getting the pain like i was before,
but it doesn't change the fact that i will confront with my past sooner or later.
i can't just runaway..

I know my weakness and now i have to overcome it (the theory of reversed psychology. hehehehe).
so it's my time to have a little step out of the comfort zone and literary taste the real world.

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