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April 21, 2010


pagi ini mendung..
well, it's my favorite weather, but i kinda felt uneasy today. Yep, today my supervisor texted me and said that he needed to meet me later at 2 pm in language lab in my campus.

jeez, finally he finished correcting my draft.

well, but i kinda felt.. nervous.

I dunno, something suddenly creeped to my heart and made it beat faster than before.
well, recalling that my friend a weeks before showed me her draft and it was full of red marks that sid this must be change to this and that will be good if this and bla-bla-bla.

I just hoped that it won't happen to me.. :(

So I prepared myself and went out at 12, and then waited (kinda foolishly) in language lab for like two hours.
Meanwhile, I just noticed that there was a thesis examination in conference room inside the lab. And it's... kinda made me nervous even more. I mean, I'll be in that room around July (if I manage to deal with this on time that is). Man..

Then my supervisor came and gave a big smile (eh?). It turned out that his smile referred to 2 things: 1. he was pleased with my draft coz he found very minor mistakes in grammars and stuffs (yaaay! XD); 2. he was quite clueless about what the main topic is and in the end only gave a smile which implicitly means: well, goodluck then. I'll help what I can. Well, of course he sugessted me to add extra sources and quotation (Sir, dun u know that artificial language article is kinda HARD to find these days...? T-T)

should I be happy or frustrated? *sigh


  1. hahaha.. wah, baru tau euy..
    music code nya aga disturbing :P