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June 11, 2010

This Is IT!

I am currently experiencing the moment when I literary lose my willing to do my thesis. At all.
I dunno, it's just like... gone.

Aaaaand out of the blue,
my lecturer sent me this simple text message:

meet me Monday at 8. I need to consult the head of department at 9 so be quick. Bring the whole 4 chapters with you. Good Luck.

And I was like, WHAT?!

I was... shock. Okay, so i need to collect my thesis Monday at 8. Nice. And I have to pay for this semester's course, and A-ha! Don't forget to revise my title on the same day Dino, and I will need to change some part of it. All in Monday.

I was smiling, really. But actually you can hear my self-consciousness screamed OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP~

What am I suppose to do!!!
I lose the will to do any of the thing related to my thesis,
I haven't paid for my tuition fee,
I haven't prepared the argumentation for changing my title,
And that text came to my cell and suddenly ruin my peaceful Friday!!!


Anyways, that aside, I remembered these days last year, when I dated with one of my ex. I remembered my ex experienced the same way yet somehow managed to do that. Well I helped in finding the books and stuff (yet i was dumped. Because I forgot to text when I was going out with my friend. Very ungrateful. Hate u, Ex, if you read this. Hate you. :P), and giving a push in doing the thesis. Awwww...
Okay stop daydreaming! Back on course. Entering reality, Houston!

Soooo... Need to text my friend, and gotta finish it by Saturday night so on Sunday my friend can do peer-editing. Sheesh.

Okay! This is IT!!!!

and umm people,
when u read this...
can you..wish me luck?
i was kinda down and..
well i hope you can somehow mentally push me or something.
well anyway,
thanks. :)

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