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June 02, 2012

The thought for the Day

It is a post related to dream and reality that I always been concerning for since long time, and so as my ex-spouse-want-to-be (ok i won't explain that term). I found this post in a site called one day, which is pretty interesting as well since that website mostly filled with meme jokes and stuffs and kinda less serious notes. However, more or less, this is how it was:

When a human die, they say brain will still work for seven minutes by re-playing all of the memories it had acquired in a dream-state. And since it's a dream, it will feel like it lasts very long, since time doesn't realistically has its power and law in dreams. So, what if you actually had died, and this whole-life experiences you think you just have now is only your "7 minute-replay?"


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  1. Very famous quote. And a good one indeed. But even if it is the replay or not, it does not matter, it does not change that you live or lived. It just means that the replay would totally answer the "destiny, fortune or free will" question.