Peut-ĂȘtre nous n'avons pas besoin d'amour. Peut-ĂȘtre c'est une aide que nous avons vraiment besoin (Maybe we don't need love after all. Maybe help it what we really need)

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Life is merely a journey to the grave, but to make the journey become a beautiful parade or a dark mourning ceremony is all in your hand.

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July 24, 2012

Happy 24!

Another year passed. This year, it's somewhat better. Some of my dreams are fulfilled already, and many more dreams will follow. However, there is only one dream I haven't managed to reach.

I want to find my soul mate, my life partner, and romantically-emotionally settling down. I'm too tired of wandering around, wondering around. I want to find someone whom I can share my life, my thoughts, my hugs, my tears, my weaknesses, my powers.
Someone who can be my friend, my lover, my advisor, my partner. Someone who will kiss me good morning, someone whom I will kiss after I go back from work. Someone that will complain about how I am getting fat, losing my muscles and six packs, but still hug and kiss me afterwards.
Someone that I will spend time looking at before I go to bed. Someone that I will hug from behind at the kitchen, while I'm helping in preparing dishes.
Someone who is not demanding, but supporting and reminding. Someone who understand, and whom I can understand. 
I wish.. I wish I could find that someone in this very long and tiring roller coaster of life. I wish I could find you.

I wish it could happen.