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July 08, 2012

Just Something That Crossed My Mind When I Wake Up Today

I hope I did it right, I never study Theology before. :| 

For me, religion is a concept to help us to find the TRUTH.

Before we became what we are now, our ancestor might be wandering around the earth, building settlements, continuing life, all monotonous. However, as a creature with critical thinking, we come to question things around us, about who we are, why we are here, what is our purpose. From those questions and our basic logic, we knew that there is something that starts everything. In the process to find THAT something, we come to believe, based on our ideal image of ourselves or through stories that came from the person who had personally spoke to the Thing (as most religion had said), the Thing has an intelligence and power far beyond us (who wants to be rule by lame worm that can die with one smack?).

Then we started to give the Thing a personality. Some aspects that makes it easier to help us identify. In the process of somehow making the Deity happy, and not upset and then wipe us out from the land, it is necessary to change people's way of life into following what is ideal and "pleasing" for the Deity. Since people ideally will obey something stronger than they are, so some people established, coming originally from the Deity itself or might be fabricated, set of commands called RULES. Rules can be spoken with words, spread through teachings and seminars, written in tablets, compiled into books, given to people so that everybody in that particular society would knew the RULES. People can not go against, question, or even think about bending a bit of the rules, because doubting the rules means violating the absolute power of the Deity. These rules were first set to preserve Humanity, Equality and Security in that enclosed society. It is easier to maintain many people into one single way by telling them that the mightiest ruler of the Universe tells you not to do this and must do that. And from that, a RELIGION was born.

With deities to worship and rules to be followed, religions grew and differed like animals would evolved, readjusting to the geographical areas and form. From worshiping phenomenon like eclipses, thunder, nature, big trees, or worshiping ancestors that passed away, spiritual guides, then worshiping different deities with different purposes, different gods with different area of cover, and finally worshiping one deity with multiple purposes as we all have now. Some religions are very "savage", sacrificing animals or human, while others are very "civilized", building beautiful shrines and temples. All to please the Deity they are worshiping. Religions become very strong through hundreds of years, and in many places it so inseparable that it becomes the foundation of the life in the different societies.

However, as society grew bigger with more and more complex problems that is too flexible to be handled by strict and old-fashioned rules, and even mixing with other societies with different "rules", eventually these rules become too great that it surpassed the importance of Humanity, Equality, and Security. Rules, no matter how outdated or hilarious it might sound, could not be flexible, because flexibility means un-strong. And rules that are not strong will not be obeyed by people.

So there you are. We have people killing each other, in the particular society or outside, because it is allowed to do that. We got one religion eliminate others. We got countries at war because they believe in different deities. From Humanity, Equality, and Security, it's disgraceful and disgusting. From religion rules, it can still be acceptable.

When we are too busy fighting others, we forget the initial purpose of establishing religion: To find The TRUTH. We are busy maintaining the rules and eliminating everyone on its path, and forget that every single thing there is set to help us find the ANSWER. The TRUTH.

And in the end, we are still bunch of savage creatures after all..

-Adi Wicaksono, just a person who likes to question a lot-


  1. I like this part "Rules could not be flexible, because flexibility means un-strong. And rules that are not strong will not be obeyed by people.". It's no longer about whether those rules are good or not, or applicable or not, or belongs to the world of today or not. It's about the ego of the rules and the people believing those rules. IT HAS TO REMAIN STRONG, regardless right or wrong

  2. because God can do no wrong, am I right? Hm... another interesting thing. So people might have realized that somehow it doesn't feel right, but they keep going with the process. Because it has to be done. It is what the God wants.