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July 13, 2012

A Lil Fun Before It Begins Again: Adventuring the Jungle of Concretes

It was freezing when I woke up this morning. Even my cellphone was very cold. I checked the time. 6 am.. I was shivering when I turned on the phone again after some times and checked the temperature. 2 degrees. 2 DEGREES CELCIUS. "My, no wonder it's cold here."

I walked slowly and sat in front of my laptop and turned it on. Today I planned to move my membership of my gym to the branch near here, buy extension cable, some tissues, and groceries. I was so busy browsing through the map for bus route when I realized my breath was foggy. It felt strange. I smiled.

My adventure started. With only guts and GPS in phone I went around the place, trying to draw virtual map in my mind so that by the time of my work I won't get lost or mistook the bus. After finishing my membership transfer, my friend called. We decided to hang out in the city for afternoon. We met in the town, had lunch, did stupid things like smacking each other with plush toys, laughed at it, and decided to went back afterwards.

I sat in the corner of the train, exchanging a look with a stranger in front of me. And a smile after. The train stopped. I moved to the bus that went straight back to my place. It was 3 already.

It was funny, because I never actually felt this alone. When I was in the town, the loneliness went very well with the circumstances. It was a quiet, laid back type of town. No horns, no traffic, much wind breeze, and somehow you could always hear or feel the ocean around you. Time flies slowly in the town. Two hours can be like forever. But in the middle of this jungle of cements and bricks, time flashes very fast. It was 9 when I walked out the room, and it's already 3 when I was on my back. In this jungle, I suddenly became the observer. I saw people with their own businesses, with their own conversations, with their own problems. In the middle of this jungle of bricks people lived in their own world. Time strangely flowed slowly for me still, while people around me seemingly lived in their own fast-forwarded time. In my eyes, their life became like a slide show, very quick that you couldn't enjoy any of them, but very fascinating with their glittery and glimpsing lights.

This whole day there were so so so many people I'd met, and every single one of them put an invisible curtain that gave them their own spaces.

The house was very much quiet when I got back. No one's home, I assumed. I walked back into my room, put everything, changed clothes, and sat silently, sipping my green tea I got from lunch leftover while staring at the cloudless sky above. A crow flew and perched itself in front of my window, it's eyes staring deeply to me, or maybe to my green tea (I believe it was the second one).

I smiled. "Welcome to the jungle."

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