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July 18, 2012

The Illusion of Lost and Have

The word "own" or "have/has" can come as a verb, a set of words that is used to indicate something the subject do, like I have a book, she has the ticket, or I own this property. All indicate that the subject has possession towards the object, a sense that the objects are in their hands, in their control, even in some level it can be used to tell that the objects are inseparable from them.

However, do we actually have or own something? Do those things, those objects we have earned will be ours forever? Money we earned eventually will be used, food we get will eventually be eaten and gone, even cells in our body die every minutes and get replaced by new ones, everyday. So what's the point of telling people those things are mine! if we only have a momentary control of it? And why we, knowing that we only have a momentary control of it, can feel a tremendous lost and grief when it's gone?

The feeling of losing something comes as a result of the feeling of having something. When you see ashes on the floor, you must think that something was burnt before. The feeling of losing, like ashes you see on the floor, comes from the burning fire of having, the sense that we will immortally bound by the objects, while in the reality, nothing is immortal. Your money, your body, tour car, your clothes, everything will eventually destroyed by time. And nothing will left. So why the feeling of losing something can cloud our mind, when we realize that in the end everything will be gone?

The feeling of losing exists because of the illusion of having. But then you must realize that nothing is actually yours in the beginning, that you could only have a momentary control towards it before it's gone.

So when you know that you never actually and eternally have her in the beginning, then why crying when she's gone?

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  1. The true buddhist ist talking. I am proud of you, my friend.

  2. Someone has to admit that your new facebook profile picture is ultimatively cute and sexy....

  3. Eh? Really? Thanks!

    But its useless being cute for everyone when no one wants to be with you. I'd rather be cute for that special person. ._.