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July 04, 2012

The Wound That Stays Still

Someone asked me this question some times ago, related to my post about heart-beat previously. "What about the wound that stays green? What about the feeling that stays there, as if we WANT it to stay there?"

I watched a DVD titled "What a bleep Do We Know?" that explains to us about how we actually crave for negative emotions. Through some sort of chemical reaction, body creates some sort of drugs that will make us got addicted to the feelings we are feeling, both sadness and happiness. So probably that is why the wounds are green, because we are, biologically, want it to stay there. The sad feeling is addictive, and we are unconsciously maintaining the feeling, like it or not, by trying to keep it inside, refusing to realize that it's no longer there, or by trying to repeat the process. In extreme cases, maybe this is why there are people who are even have the tendency to hurt themselves to get the pleasure, the S & M groups. But correct me if I am wrong, becaue I have no authentic proof to support the link between emotion-addiction to BDSM activities.

So how to let it go? It's there, it's ridiculously addictive, and there seems to be no way to let go. Well, there is. It's called Letting Go. Letting go means surrender, giving up, stop-look-listen to your heart. There are some times when people seem to refuse to believe that it's over. There are people who refuse to accept defeat. There are those who keep fighting and fighting for nothing. Having a great spirit is good, don't get me wrong, but sometimes we need to realize that we sometimes can not get everything that we want. Sometimes, it's not meant for us. Sometimes, it's not our path. And by realizing that, we have done the first step of letting go, which is confessing that you are still clinging to it.

After the realization, comes the revelation. Slowly we would give up to reality, moving on, and start anew. Maybe the wounds are a bit painful still. But that's wounds are all about - pain. So toughen up, stop if you feel tired, and move forward again when you are ready. :)

I, myself, is still trying to move on from you.


  1. Great movie choice... good that you mentioned my comment. I actually ignored the relationship between that movie and the quote from Sir Francis Bacon.

    Always remember, Buddhism is teaching: "The origin of suffering is attachment."

  2. yes. thank you for reminding me that. It is silly to think human can be fully cleansed from attachment that easy, but we can always try. :)

  3. Or how Kurt Cobain always said: "I miss the comfort in being sad"

    So suitable to your article here... are we searching comfort in being sad?

  4. He might got the addiction. Comfort of being in negativity, surrounded by sadness. We are not angel, i remind you. We are human. We have emotions, and we are vulnerable in addiction towards it. It's okto be sad, it's normal. Just enjoy the period then just move on.

    anyway how's your love life now? I assume you are Toni Kraja.. :p

  5. I am a wolf watching you from a distance, I do not have a name, I am Anonymous.

    So as I am Anonymous, I have no love life, and there is no history of hatred too.

  6. oh my... well then wolfie. thanks for making my dream to have siberian husky as a protective pet partially accomplished.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. You are more than welcome. I will bite whoever wanna harm you.

  9. just a suggestion:

    dont use anonymous. change your name into something more identifiable so that i know it's you. i dunno, wolfie, maybe? -_-"

  10. I can try to do this.

  11. that's alrite. go howl, garurumon!