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November 22, 2012

Garage Sale Story: There She Goes Again

It was a very hot Spring. And after six months, I met another mortal Angel with my own eyes.

A tall girl with dark brow hair, perfect skin, and beautiful dress stood with her angelic smile in my front door today.

I was standing there, speechless, as she smiled and said, "Oh sorry I was late. I was trapped in traffic and I thought your house was 112!"

With grace she took out her wallet and paid me the amount of money for the item I sell. "You'll enjoy Europe. It's beautiful!"

I smiled. "Thank you."

"So here is your money, and I promise I will keep her save for you. You can now study in peace there!"

I smiled again. Beautiful, and has sense of humour.

She then took the item in excitement. I took her to the front door and as she walked away, I said "Thank you! Enjoy the item!"

She smiled. "Yay! I'm excited! Good luck!" I can tell fom her excited brown eyes. Ah, those eyes...

Then she left with her silver convertible.

As I put the money into my pocket, I wondered a bit. What will she do with a Final Fantasy luminous sign? Is she a gamer? Or is she buying it for her borther? Or her boyfriend? Wait. She has a boyfriend? But then it's obvious. A girl with such beauty like her must not allowed to be single and rudely keep rejecting men. She must have someone special for her.

Then I stared at my reflection. I felt so ugly. I wish I washed my face and changed my clothes. Or maybe I was supposed to have a haircut today.

But then I decided to put that feeling aside. Even if something special might happen, I won't be here for her forever. A quick crush that ends very quick, I should say.

Then I texted her. "Hi! Thank you again for buying the item! Have a safe trip!"

I threw my cellphone on my bed, and then I laid myself down. I could still feel her scent that slowly faded by the heat.

It was a very hot Spring. And after six months, I met another mortal Angel with my own eyes.

(this is the item she bought from my garage sale today)

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