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November 17, 2012

I'm Going To Miss You

Friday, November 16, 2012

Today I decided to walk around the city after gym after a long while not visiting the crowds. It wasa bright Friday and as I stepped out of the train station I saw millions of Christmas decorations hanging round the city beautifully. It was pretty strange for me to see Christmas trees and lamps in scorching heat of Summer, since I never actually celebrate Christmas and Christmas is always involve cold and snow in my imagination. Nevertheless, the decorations added-up some nice colors to the grey-blueish hue of the city.

I walked through small alleyways, finding myself some beautiful places I've never thought would exist. I really enjoyed the little adventure I had alone, all by myself. As I observed around each small alleyways and neighborhood, a strange feeling slowly seeped in. Each step I took grew lighter, each breath I had grew heavier. Each person walked pass me made my heart beat a little bit faster and harder. Every scene I saw with my own eyes grew a bit of attachments in my heart. I'm going to leave soon, and I'm not sure when I can come back. My adventure will not stop here, but a part of my heart will always stay.

I stopped and stared to the empty blue sky in the middle of the city, among thousands of other people walking around.

"I am going to miss this city. Every smile and anger, every celebration and problem, every face and idea. I have grown so much with these experiences. I've learnt so much and still learning even more. I'm going to miss every inch of the feeling, the emotion, the sadness, the worry, the dreams that are fulfilled, and new dreams that soon will follow, the love that is unrequited, the loneliness, the togetherness. I'm going to miss the warmth and coldness of the city, the friendliness and the stoic personalities, the playfullness and the seriousness. Thank you for letting me have a little taste that changed me, A little bite that will change me forever."

As the train took me away from the city, I still could see the skyline from my window. I smiled.

I'm going to miss you, Perth.


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