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December 24, 2012

Contemplation part I: Unity in Diversity

I spent several days thinking about the true meaning of living in diversity. Coming from a country with more than 300 different tribes and five big religions, to tolerate others are something that is supposed to be there to begin with, to ensure that everything runs smoothly and no one is considered being bullied by others. Ideally.

But no. I still see many aggression done by majority towards the minority for a simple reasons like "because my religion says so", or "because you are different." It is sad, but it's true. Everywhere we see people being hurt just because they have different opinion or point of view. Bigger communities destroy lesser groups because they are weak and violates the vision of the bigger communities. And sadly, these issues got even bigger and bigger each day. Ironic, since we have this beautiful motto, Unity in Diversity.

Before we start, let us talk about myself first. I used to be a part of the bigger communities, silently cursing and pitying those who don't share my point of view. We still live together, but every time I see those people who didn't share the same belief, I felt disgusted. I didn't know from where I got this mindset before. All of these keep rolling on until I start to question myself: Is it the right thing to do? They are people, like me. They have their own way, they have their own point of view. They have their own understanding. And they are not me. They don't share the same vision with me, either in religion, sexual preferences, politics.. So why must I hate them?

In my search for the truth, I decided to abandon my community, aiming to find the most neutral stand. I revert myself into the most basic form; the blank state. In this blank state, there is no specific god. There is no skin color. There is no sex preference. Only a "blank" body with brain to think and observe. And through this "blank state" I might have seen things a bit clearer. I see that people mostly tolerate people in the way that they put a big bold border between them and the others who don't share their vision. Between these border we shall smile, we shall greet, we shall be friends. But if I see even one finger slipped into the holes of the fences, then I shall cut it. I see that some people also feel uncomfortable seeing something that is not "meant" to be like that, at least from their point of view. Hence, naturally they will try to fix it to make it look good.

But I still can not find the ultimate answer for my question of Why people can't coexist? Why there are many violence acts in the name of religion, race, and sexual preferences?

Today I tried to initiate a discussion with someone who is from my previous community. We talk a lot about how Moslem should not give regards for Christmas. In the end, I was a bit upset because I thought the reason was a bit.. pathetic, due to the fact that I see Christmas as an event, not a religious celebration. But then I realized that it was how the person see the celebration of Christmas: as a religious celebration, not as a merely cultural, therefore it was clearly forbidden for them to even send regards for it. We were different, and I tried to make my point of view acceptable. I just turn myself into an idiot who is as pathetic as those people who force others to believe what they believe.

I feel.. Bad. *sigh*.

I should say, I haven't finished in thinking of a way to make people accept each other without hurting each other. However, at least I find something very important from our discussion. As I paraphrase it with my shallow mind, Everyone who does not share the same ideal belief, religion, sex preferences, or even skin color, should not put others' that is different from him/her lower and try to eliminate and convert them into what he/she sees as the ideal.
I still have long way to go.

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