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January 14, 2013

Just A Bit of Rest after A Crazy Week

So this is it!

I have packed up, ordered my hotel, plane ticket, cleaned my room, threw my unused clothes, sent my money back... everything. My one year life here has been compressed into two suitcases and 1 backpack. I called everyone in charge of every single thing I will leave behind like friends, job, postal code, bank.. I also had canceled my gym member, exchanged my currency, asking for a pick up once I arrived.. Everything has been completed. I spent the whole two weeks to deal with everything, and now I got flu. Awesome.

Sitting here, in my empty room, I stared at every corner of it, remembering the times when I first arrived from countryside. Then I remembered those days when I stayed at the countryside, having the whole house and the responsibility to clean it up once a month. And then I remembered the times when I went home from work and sat on the beach right in front of the house in the country area, contemplating a lot of things..

Looking back through the year before gave me a sudden sadness. Not because it was bad, but because.. I dunno. I just felt that leaving everything behind is the hardest thing to do. I have purged my five-year life into one big suitcase last year, and now I will do it again. I have trained to do it, but it was still sad when you had to clean up and see your room empty.

I have learnt so many things. My physique, my mind, and my emotional condition have changed. I must admit that this whole year gave me way more than what I expected, and I still regret some moments when I should have tried to seek more instead of standing and observing. Nonetheless, I earned so much. And because of that, I am both happy and sad to leave.

Will everything be okay? Will my plan come true? Will all my plan happen? Those questions linger inside as I sat and started to fix my pillow's position. I rested my head, and slowly fell asleep. I still need to do some stuff the next day.

Everything's gonna be alright. So smile! :)

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