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April 25, 2013

Fly, Sister!

My "sister" left last night.

She's one of my best friends. We share lots of things together. It's kinda weird 'coz circumstances made us friends. She used to dislike me due to misconception, and I used to avoid her due to my misconception about her as well. And frankly, I didn't even remember how we can be close to begin with.

Nevertheless, we became friends, and then by mutual consensus, and by The Train's song, Soul Sister, we decided to be "soul-sibling"; siblings not bound by blood, but by soul.

We have a somewhat different mindset about the world with the rest of the people. We shared many philosophical point of views, we shared many funny stories about her boyfriend or about mine. We complaint about how poor and how rich we are. Sometimes she bought me gas when I ran out of it, in exchange of taking her to places with my motorbike.

Her knowledge and understanding helped me grow. She experienced many hardships in her life, yet she remains strong. I remembered the time when she cried over her problems while we are enjoying lunch though. At that time I didn't think that petty problem could make her cry. Yet she did. And I just realized something: She might look very strong, yet she was actually frail inside.

She helped me achieve my dream. Without her help, I won't be able to spend a full year in Perth in which I learned and grew stronger and stronger. And yet, she could also reach her dream herself. From her marriage, her trip, her struggle with life.. She did it all by herself.

Then, we got busy with our life. She with her marriage, and I with my job. Still, we try our best to keep in touch and share things like we use to do. And last night, she finally spread her wings and fly.

The night when she left, I decided not to meet her. I just texted her to say goodbye. I couldn't afford to cry in front of her. What a lame brother I am.

She's one of my best friends. She's my "soul-sister." And today she left, maybe forever, for her dream.

Good luck, my sister. May your dreams that you usually share with me come true.

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