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July 09, 2013

Three Steps To Find That Perfect Partner.

What is "perfect" for a partner? Rich, good-looking, understanding, caring, good in bed, romantic? Perfect can be anything from A to Z, yet you must ponder yourself to 3 things I am going to say:

Sadly, there will NEVER be that perfect partner.
Why is that? Because perfection is a very unmeasurable and impossible variable to be put onto a human being.
Face it, we are not perfect. People might see someone as having a perfect body, yet is that someone also having a perfect life? Perfect happiness? Perfect relationship? Perfect income? are you SURE that person has no problem? If yes is your answer, then how do you know? Have you asked that person? Have you lived in his/her shoes to feel what the person's feel?

Perfection comes from how we perceive it.
We see someone, or something, as perfect because it fits to our terms and condition. No matter how muscly a particular guy could be, a woman who dislike muscly guys will not choose him. It's all in your point of view.
Thus, this is the reason why in the name of love we embark to a journey to find the "perfect" partner. We are not trying to find the perfect one! We move on from one person to another coz each comes with a "flaw". We tend to select people based on how that individual can fulfill our prerequisites.

The only way to find perfection inside is by accepting the flaw and enjoying the rest.
That's the only way. Finding perfection will result in nothing. When you're ready to settle, you will naturally pick a flaw you can tolerate and embrace it. Accepting one's flaw and enjoying the rest is the key to find perfection.

However, when you are unsure on whether to accept a flaw or to let it go, try to think of the opposite. Would it be better if he/she is doing the opposite of the "flaw"?

Would it better if he/she is cheap instead of being a spender?
Would it be better if he/she is overly attached instead of emotionally unavailable?
Would it be better if that person is the other way around?

If in the end the flaw is unbearable for you to live for the rest of your life, then you might consider letting go to avoid further damage for both you and your potential life partner. Forcing something that will not stick together no matter what is useless physically, mentally, and emotionally.

If not, then the relationship is worth to fight for. :)

So.. What do you need? What can't you live without?

Choose. Accept. And enjoy. :)

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