Peut-ĂȘtre nous n'avons pas besoin d'amour. Peut-ĂȘtre c'est une aide que nous avons vraiment besoin (Maybe we don't need love after all. Maybe help it what we really need)

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September 04, 2013

Love So Far

Many heartbreaks and pain I have experienced. Many disappointment, many regrets.. I couldn't see love like what I used to see.

Love was beautiful back then; falling in love at the first sight, going out together with no plans in hand, silly laughs in the middle of the night while enjoying those artificial lights glimpsing away as we ride our car.. Love used to be so simple and cute.

It changed slowly.

It's all about sex. Or money. Or whatever demands that are no longer sweet and romantic. It is now easier to break up and give up. It is now okay not to talk for days, drowning in self. It is acceptable to cheat when it's impossible to get what you want from your current lovers. It is now harder to open up and let your heart shown. It is now difficult to be honest with your feelings. It is now different.

Yet, I still have faith in love. Silly, I know. Seeing people around me can survive the ordeals gives me faith. Looking at their smile, their determined relationship, their ability to understand each other, their strength to rebuild whatever it is that is broken, their effort to cherish the memories of togetherness.. Those keep me pushing onwards.

Call me hopeless romantic for I might be. Think of me as a pathetic living in a fairy tale because I could be. Yet, no matter how impossible it is. I believe that someday, somehow, I can make it.

Because unlike those, I believe this isn't a fairy tale.

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