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December 02, 2013

The Wall

When we were born, we were bare. No clothes covered us. No blanket protected us. We were born bare and exposed, vulnerable yet ready to let the world around gave us the lesson of life. As time goes by, we were given clothes to protect us from the fierceful weather. We covered our body with armor to hide our weakness. And as we did to our body, we then decided to protect our hearts as well.

However, we didn't put put clothes or armor to protect our hearts, our feelings. Instead, we built a wall. A wall so thick and powerful that nobody could come through. We were too scared of being hurt that we put the walls around. We wouldn't let anyone in because we knew that person would possibly hurt our vulnerable heart inside. We were comfortable with our walls that we forgot that there are others outside the wall. Yet since everybody was so scared of letting others in, everybody started to build walls as well. Having a wall became a necessity to survive the world. And soon, no one could feel others. They could only feel the cold walls others had built in front of them.

However, naturally mankind needed to be understood. Their hearts craved for a warm touch from other hearts. Thus, occasionally some people decided to step out of the wall, just a little bit. They try to hold hands, or feel at each other's pulsing beat. Some were too scared of going out, yet continuously shouted from inside the walls, begging to be rescued. Some that were too scared as well decided to stay quiet and let themselves trapped forever in their walls.


I was standing among these towering walls. I forgot where my walls had gone. All I know was that I was standing with nothing protected me and these thick "buildings" among me. My heart, hanging loose on my neck by a silver chain, beat slowly.

My hands touched each of the wall, feeling the weak pulse of the hearts inside. My heart cried a bit, knowing that I couldn't reach them and instead, rubbing my hands against their walls. As I looked away, I saw other walls around me. It felt hurt. They might have decided to locked themselves away in their walls. Others might not know what to do, and decided to build walls as well. Others might be like me, feeling sad and lost among these walls and decided to lock themselves as well in their walls.

I stopped and stare at a wall. It was warm. It was lovely. I touched it and tried to talk to it. It responded in a pulse I didn't really know, but somewhat familiar. My heart beat faster as the warmth slowly crept in.

"Hey, can I talk to you?"

The wall opened up a bit and showed a beautiful figure inside that smiled back at me. We talked that day, all through the night. We smiled, we made jokes, we hold hands. Our hearts were slowly synchronized. The smile that I saw, the lips that I felt, the figure that I embraced..

I slowly tried to touch that beautiful heart that beat in front of me, but suddenly the walls protruded sharp thorns that slit my hands. I fell. My hands were bleeding. Those eyes.. They cried.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry.. I'm too scared...".

"No.. No... NO! Please no!"

The wall was slowly closed right in front of me. Only a tower with a thorny brick wall left.

My heart bleed, my eyes were teary in blood.


The night was so cold, and here I was, lying down in a blood red wall. I couldn't stop crying ever since. It was long time ago, during the days I no longer could remember. I was there, laying in my wall. I was lonely and in pain. My heart that had stopped beating.

Until one day, my heart started pulsing again. I woke up and heard something outside my wall. A beautiful voice from outside echoed in.

"Hey, can I talk to you?"

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