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July 20, 2014

Passing the quarter century.

It's 3.30 am and I can't sleep.

Many have happened. Many more will happen after. Enemies are made, friendships are forged, hearts are broken... That's how aging is right?

It's quarter plus one and I can't sleep.

Successfully passing a quarter of century. Unsuccessfully making myself happy doing it. People my age, they had settled down. They figured out what to do. While I'm here, busy being lost in my own thoughts of the world. Nevertheless, I am happy. Am I?

It's another year passed and I can't sleep.

I am happy I can make it this far, yet I'm also anxious and disappointed. What have I done so far? Have I changed the world? Have I managed to create a better place for everyone? Or Have I been slowly dragged into the leash and cage everybody else's wearing?

It's around 3 and a half hours now.

A friend told me that we must trade innocence for experience, age for maturity. Some failed to gain profit from the trading, and some succeeded. Am I failed? Am I succeeded? Am I on the right track? Or Am I on the wrong lane?

It's 26 years old now.

Maybe I'm just nervous.

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