Peut-ĂȘtre nous n'avons pas besoin d'amour. Peut-ĂȘtre c'est une aide que nous avons vraiment besoin (Maybe we don't need love after all. Maybe help it what we really need)

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March 24, 2015

Another Trip To The Past

Our relationship wasn't the best one. You were kind, but very distant and none-expressive. While I was in love, but also demanding and selfish. You were stoic and unromantic, while I craved attention every single day. We sometimes spent the whole day fighting - or maybe, I was mad at you while you were trying to endure. When I think of it, I was your first boyfriend, but you seemed to have more experience than I did.

We hurted each other while discovering ourselves. You were so innocent that it made me angry all the time, but you were always there, willing to learn, willing to retry. And I might have dated many, but never have I learned so many from a single person like I have learned from you. You taught me compassion, patience, trust, maturity, all that made me what I am today. I am still learning though, 'cause if I am not then I won't still here, lingering to the memories of you.

I always admire your resilience and your perseverence. I remembered making you cry one night, and I was too selfish to admit that I was sad seeing you cry. And then like nothing had happened, you laughed and hugged me as if you fell in love for the first time again. I always silently fear and admire how strong you were, beneath that mysterious smile. I was too young to keep you, too dumb to appreciate you. And when I'm old enough, I was too late to have you here.

Maybe it was to hard for you that you finally want to break up. And again, I was too selfish to say no, to beg for you not to go. I wasn't strong enough to cry and hold you. Instead, I said yes and let you go.

It's funny how I have spent four years recovering from you, and keep failing to do so. Every time someone new come in, your criteria kicks in. The list of what I missed from you comes to my mind, and when this someone new fails to fulfil the deal, I would just throw it away. Maybe that's why I'm still single up to know, while making terrible decisions along the way.

I know maybe we could never get back together. I know that probably we should leave what's left from us as it is, knowing that probably you are happier without me, while I'm trying to be happy without you.