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July 18, 2015

Animonster, Spirited Away, and The Memories

It's been almost a year since my childhood anime magazine, Animonster, stopped publishing a new issue. The decision to went hiatus was unknown to me, yet the story brought me back to my memory of my childhood.

I was in my seventh grade when I first bought the magazine. At first I was so into drawing, comics, and cartoon, and just like that, I found that magazine sitting at the corner of the local bookstore by the playstation store in my local town. That was also the first time I fell in love with a magazine.

I kept buying, and later subscribing, the issues till my late 12th grade when our family was struck by financial hardships that didn't allow me to spend money on trivial things, including magazine subscription. I was sad, but I moved on.

I remembered reading the magazine and enjoying the illustration of many talented animators, mangaka, and anime studios. It brought my imagination high and wide, bringing me out of my small and hot room into a realm unknown.

I became what they usually called "otaku". I became obsessed by Japan and their culture. I even learned some of the language even if in the end I instead speak English and French. I was fascinated by Japanese culture and the wide variety of their gods and stories, their traditional outfit, their beautiful places... the list went on and on.

I also found my favorite illustrator there. His name was Li Julian. I liked his style of drawing and how beautiful he could create stories that went so well with his drawing. In the end we got to know each other many years after I stopped buying the magazine and became friends who shared stories and thoughts.

And even after those days, I still occasionally read the magazine at the bookstore after I graduated high school and moved to a bigger city to study at the Uni, until one day they stopped publishing.

It's funny how a mere magazine can bring a huge impact after these years. I don't know why I'm writing this here. Maybe because I am currently watching Spirited Away, a wonderful anime by Studio Ghibli whose reviews I read from the magazine long ago. Maybe because they plan to publish the new edition of Animonster after almost one year of hiatus.

Or maybe because I just miss the old days.

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