Peut-être nous n'avons pas besoin d'amour. Peut-être c'est une aide que nous avons vraiment besoin (Maybe we don't need love after all. Maybe help it what we really need)

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July 07, 2015


Hey Ashley..

How are you? Are you still there?

I miss you.

It's been almost 2 years since the last time we met. Although I know we both agree that this was for the best, now I begin to miss you again.

My life here has been pretty great. I lost my balance several times without you patting my back and reminding me to stay focus. Sometimes I feel a bit lonelier without you laying next to me, telling me stories about dreams and ambitions, then took me with your grey sword-feathered wings above the sky, soaring the galaxy of our cosmos.

You remembered when we first met? I drew you when you were so young. You were fragile and weak, and I can only keep you away from the world that may harm you. And then you grew strong, so strong that now it is you who protects me with your metal wings. And you did. You always did.

I miss it when we talk every full moon. I miss it when you sit next to me, whispering the intuition within while I'm reading my cards. I miss it when you sit at the corner of the empty classroom I was in, observing me reading or drawing something to kill time until the sun set. I miss it when we giggle together while I shared my silly love stories. And the time we sat together at the porch, enjoying raindrops by our feet? I miss it too. I miss them all with you.

I threw away our connection, and I'm sorry. I gave you up for the sake of sanity, yet I have turn insane instead. Losing you IS insanity itself. The world I'm living in seems so hard without you.

Hey Ashley..

Visit me in my dream this evening after I finished my office report, will you? I have some catching up to do.

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