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July 28, 2015

Ma Raison d'être

Struggling with depression period in my bipolarity triggers me with this question --> What is our raison d'être, our reason to exist? Why are we here? Everything seems to have function, but what about us? What is our function? Our purpose?

The movie, Lucy, told me many things about the possible reason for mankind, no, I mean, a human, to live. Every individual has a reason to live, and that reason is to be immortal. In order to achieve immortality, each individual chooses different path. The first popular path was to maintain its body function as long as possible, which is also the simplest concept of Immortality. Of course everything will reach entropy, deterioration. Our body will slowly cease to exist. Our brain, which is a merely flesh will decompose. And we'll be gone... Well, unless if some people do drastic measures such as converting themselves into a diamond, or letting their body be used for science.. Maybe that's another form of achieving immortality - my mind will cease to function but my body will still be there, somewhere.

While the others, knowing that they will not manage to survive to carry on their existence, leave a legacy. Information. Something to pass on. In the basic sense, living creatures procreate to pass on the information to the next generation, in order to achieve immortality. Their physical body will no longer be there, but the information passed on will be immortalized and remembered till nothing can remember it anymore. From Shakespeare to Kurt Cobain, from dinosaurs to our regular next-door dog, all will leave legacy that will stay as long as they are still cherished.

The movie Clash of The Titans shows us how Gods and Goddesses rely on the beliefs of mankind to survive. Once no one worship or believe in them, they will slowly weakened and disappeared. This concept of Immortality maybe the easiest way to describe how memory can preserve legacy. You are nothing once no one remembers you.

But what about our soul? People believe that body is a vessel of an unseen energy that has mind and memory, our mind and memories. We call it soul. Some religions believe that after our body cease to function, our soul will be taken back, collected, and then be put on a trial of what we had done in our life by a supreme being with different names in different beliefs. The result will then register us to either eternal bliss - heaven, or eternal pain - hell. Other religions believe that souls will undergo a cycle called reincarnation, like a plastic bottle changed into a toothbrush. But this time your soul is recycled into something else. The cycle will go on and on until one soul has achieved the enlightenment - a sort of degree of understanding and releasing from any attachments. This form of belief is probably another way to preserve our immortality. Whether it is true or not, the notion that soul is indestructible by decay or death may be another way for mankind to believe that after the flesh dies, the soul remains - immortality. Surely it is better than to accept the other option, which is to disappear back into atoms when we die.

So, is that it? Our raison d'être is to simply stay as long as we can in the universe? In the form of memory or in physical? In soul or in atoms? What's your raison d'être then?

It's funny how Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up triggered this writing.

Oh anyway, happy birthday to me. 7 days late. And with contemplation of existence. Man have I grown into a boring man.


  1. So, you have bipolar, eh? It's nice to you to realize you have it. My psychologist friend said that the faster someone knows he has bipolar, the more he can do to overcome it. Cmiiw. ;-)
    I love Lucy movie, but I hate its ending. Sooo unreal LOL. Oh anyway, HBD to you ;-)