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September 24, 2015

Plus, Perth, and Some Memories

It was a hot day in Jakarta when I woke up by the slow heat stroke creeping into my room. The quiet afternoon sunlight passed through the narrow gaps between wood planks fence into my face. And somehow, I recalled my days waking up during weekends in my days in Perth. The same heat. The same sun. The same crampy room.

It was a bit nostalgic.

It was holiday, so I have my freedom to wake up late. I slowly went to the bathroom and did my thing. 30 minutes and I was ready. My housemate asked me to go with him for a lunch, so there I was after, walking with him. The sun crept through the leaves, making beautiful green-black pattern on the warm asphalt. It was hot in Jakarta, but the trees around made it feel less scorching. As it was when I was in Perth - hot but still fun.

It was nostalgic.

I went back walking after our quick lunch, reminiscing our ideas and hopes for future while looking for a drink along the way. Then we went back to our own room after coming back to the house. The sun ray that woke me up was still there, slowly crawling through my messy bed. It was a bit dark, but I didn't want to turn on the lights. The yellow-cream color of the wall, the warmth, the sensation... It again reminded me of how it was 3 years ago.

It was a bit too nostalgic.

Maybe I just miss drifting aimlessly to the world, not having a true ambition, enjoying my moment under the southern sun, with friends our loneliness. Maybe I just miss the scent of the ocean, the smooth sand under my feet, the noisy seagulls screaming for food, the chattering of Australian accent, the voice of Ed Sheeran in every radio while I had my bright sun walk in Fremantle..

Maybe it was overly nostalgic.

But I really miss my adventure.

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