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November 11, 2016

I Forgive You

Dear Myself,

It's been more than twenty years we are together, and with all the bumpy paths and detours we take, we have gained and lost so many. We have defeated and be defeated numerous times. We earned and spent so much. We made the best and worst decisions ever, and for that, I am genuinely happy.

Our path had been pretty unwell lately, though. We are now unemployed, constantly sad, sometimes depressed and suicidal, often sick, and slowly losing every single spark of hope we had. But with all the pain, you are always with me. You always stay and prevail. You tried your best to fulfill our expectation. No matter how painful it was for you, you pushed yourself just to make us happy. Although in the end we are just taking a long detour, you never complained. You just silently trying to be strong with our hopes and dreams that slowly fades away. You took us so far in this journey. You gave us the best experience people our age could only dream. Although with all the journeys we got beaten up so bad, you never gave up on us. No matter how tempting the afterlife is, you never give up.

I thank you, and I forgive you for all the mistakes we made together. All the decisions and the nonsense judgments... All the failures to reach our dreams, all the premature decisions to giving up.. I forgive you.

And please, forgive me too for being too hard for you. Forgive me for being harsh and mean, for beating up for every single failure made, for every expectation left unfulfilled. Please forgive this selfish me, for I know I only have you, and you only have me.

I will always love you. Because we only have each other, because we only have our hands to support us.

Please relax now, and take a deep breath. Don't try to think of making us happy. Just rest for a bit, then let's find out our path again. This time, together.

I promise, dear myself, that I will always love us from now on.

With love,


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